Sheffield Telegraph Cup 2019.


First Round; Matches to be played on Thursday 18th April at 6.30pm.

1. Bradfield B v Ridgeway

2. Crookesmoor A 163 v Ecclesfield A 127

3. Catcliffe 168 v Meersbrook B.C. B 86

4. Colley A 108 v Crookes Social A 127

Second Round; Matches to be played on Thursday 2nd May at 6.30pm.

5. Ridgeway bye, Colley B have withdrawn

6. Crookesmoor A v Meersbrook B.C. A at Wadsley House

7. Catcliffe v Crookesmoor B at Meersbrook Park

8. Crookes Social A v Dronfield Woodhouse at Fulwood

9. Crookes Social B v Hillsborough A at Thorncliffe

10. Abbey v Fulwood A at Millhouses

11. Meersbrook Park A v Hallam Grange at Bradway

12. Laycocks v Bradfield A at Hallam Prop