Singles Merit 2019


Ian Christopherson, Sam Day, Jayne Gough, Calum Mailer, Paul Prior, Ian Smedley and Peter Worfolk

Firth Park

Richard Atkin, Shaun Barker, Paul Bayliss, Paul Blackwell, Micky Hague, James Higgins and Richard Webster

High Hazels

Andrea Ainley, Matt Beever, Adam Howcroft, Danielle Miles, Steve Oliver, Rob Thompson Junior, Andy Turner and Brian Wilby


Martin Anderson, Jan Bisatt, Liam Blackwell, Dillon Christopherson, Gary Hanson, Mel Hobson and Matt Whittaker

Play down to 2 qualifiers on each green who will contest the finals on Thursday 27th June.

Ties to be played on Tuesday 18th June at 6.30pm.